Why An On-Line Program?

The goal of NWFSBS is to train laborers.  This has been our desire since 1987 and continues to be.  Our 2 year resident program is the flagship of our work at the Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies.  We wish that all men, willing to be laborers in the Kingdom, could participate in our resident program.


However, we know that this is not always possible.  Furthermore, we respect several facts present today.  First, not every man desiring to be a worker for the Lord can leave home to attend a 2 year program, no matter how much desire they possess.  Secondly, on-line training is quickly becoming a preferred and leading way in all industries.  Third, on-line training can often be more economical for an individual and organization.


 It is for these reasons we have developed an on-line program.  We hope that you will take the time to learn more about our programs and determine how we can best work together to train you for the harvest.



The Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies is a work of the Church of Christ at Milestone.  As a work of the church it is funded completely through the free-will offering of the saints.  This includes the Milestone congregation, sister congregations and many individuals.  The school is tuition-free and the students are never charged.





OBE-8219  Parables

OBE-1305  Life of Christ: Matthew


Enrolled On-Line Students are men that desire to receive the closest thing to our resident program.  They make application to the school utilizing the "EOS Application."  An EOS must also include on their application a "mentor" that will help in the facilitating of proctored tests, completion of memory work, guidance and critiques.  This mentor should be an area preacher, elder or long standing member and must be approved by NWFSBS.  All registration should be handled through the school office and requires Director approval.



To obtain a diploma an EOS is required to complete the full two-year curriculum.  There is no time-limit on obtaining his diploma.  However, he is required to take at least one course per quarter.  The number of classes allowed per quarter will be determined by student performance, work schedule and must be approved by the Director of NWFSBS.   One quarter off is allowed before reapplication would be required to continue as an EOS.  Upon completing all graduation requirements an EOS will receive his diploma designating he has completed the requirements for the Bible/Preaching Program of NWFSBS (on-line).


Class Procedures

To accommodate for the EOS's schedule, classes can be taken any hour of the day, 7 days a week . An EOS watches the class lectures and answers questions through our on-line class program.  They are also required to complete assignments through the school's on-line grading program called "Thinkwave."  These assignments include sermons, research papers, memory work, field assignments and tests.  Each class is recorded by the instructors in our resident program and the class is facilitated by our on-line instructor (OLI), Jeff Orr.  He is available from 2pm - 10pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  All course questions should be through the OLI by e-mail or phone.   We have an instructor in Monday - Thursday between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and on Fridays from 12 pm - 10 pm.  If unable to reach the OLI the school should be contacted for assistance.  For your convenience we keep the school open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 8am-10pm.  We strive to keep support available so an EOS is equipped to succeed.  Critiques of sermons will sometimes be done through use of video and audio recordings as well as the EOS's mentor.



EOS students do not raise support to attend school like resident students due to the program not being full-time.


Each quarter new classes will come available and within 2 years the whole curriculum will be on-line.


Fall 2017

BE-8219  Parables


Winter 2018

BE-1305  Life of Christ: Matthew



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